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FAQ WPC profile 1

FAQ WPC profile 1
Update Time:2014-07-01

Q1: Is it can be painted?

A1: yes, but the effect is not ideal than timber. Because the non-polar polyolefin structure determines the surface adhesion is not strong. Users can choose the color, appearance types we offer.

Q2: Is it can be planed, so the appearance looks like wood?

A2: yes. In the design and production of wpc, we do molding process to make it with the natural appearence, even more,if the surface was severely scratched, it can be planed also.

Q3: is it convenient by own processing?

A3: it is convenience,it can be sawed, nailed, drilled, planed.

Q4: Is it anti-mildew and anticorrosion?

A4: Polymer composite plastic components determines the WPC profiles under the same conditions, compared with the wood compared with excellent acid and alkali, corrosion resistance.

Q5: will it deformed?

A5: there is only a small deformation caused by moisture absorption and other factors, the long-term there will be a slight deformation by gravity.


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