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3D Composite Decking

The manufacturing process of 3D composite decking differs from that of classic composite decking. During the extrusion of the boards, the surface texture is simultaneously processed online, eliminating the need for secondary embossing. When you touch the surface with 3D embossed patterns, you'll experience smooth and clear lines, along with rich textures, creating a dynamic sense of depth.


3D composite decking is a product that combines modernity with the classic. Transforming flat embossing into three-dimensional embossing is not only a technological innovation but also a collision of aesthetics and technology. It is resistant to mold, moisture, and UV rays, capable of handling large temperature difference, and its surface patterns remain durable and fresh. We can also customize different 3D patterns on the surface. At the same time, We can also implement non-flat processing to give you more than one choice on the same decking.

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3D Composite Decking

3D Composite Decking Gallery

3D composite decking is widely used outdoors and is not only durable but also beautiful.

3D Composite Deckingg

3D Composite Decking Color and Texture

Our HOHEcotech color range covers a wide range of color options to suit every style. Browse our wide range of shades to get inspired for your next home or commercial project. HOHEcotech creates unique and impressive outdoor spaces for you.







Dark Grey


Sandal Wood



Stone Grey

3D Composite Decking

Hot-Selling 3D Composite Decking

HOHEcotech is committed to providing diversified WPC decking products to meet customers’ various needs and styles, from hollow to solid, grooved to smooth, round holes to rectangular holes.HOHEcotech will work with you to find the perfect composite decking solution and help explore your ideal and charming yard.
Solid Composite Decking
Solid Composite Decking
Square Hollow Decking
Square Hollow Decking
Square Hollow Decking

3D Composite Decking

3D Composite Decking Accessories

In addition to excellent decking options, our products also provide you with a diverse selection of installation accessories, making sure that you can complete the installation easily and efficiently.Explore our installation accessory options to make your project not only unique in your decking selection, but also in the installation process. HOHEcotech provides you with a full range of solutions to make every step easier and more enjoyable.

3D Composite Decking

3D Composite Decking Installation Steps

  • Step 1: Install the joist on the cement floor, and the gap between two adjacent joists is no more than 35cm. When the decking is to an end, please use two joists and gap between them is at least 5mm.
  • Step 2: Install the first decking. Side-to-side gap between boards, End-to-end gap between boards, End-to-object gap is at least 5mm.
  • Step 3:  After pre-drilling on the joists, install the fasteners. Fix one fastener into the side slot, and then push another decking to the fasteners. Or slide the SY plastic fastener into the side slot and fix them with screws. Repeat this step to the end. When the left site is not enough to put a whole decking, it can be cut according to the desired size to finish installation. Remember to reserve the 5mm gap.
  • Final Step: Align the edge cover along side the decking edge and screw vertically.

3D Composite Decking

Don't see the color you want ?

Customized colorsWe also offer a bespoke color range, allowing you to blend composite decking into almost any existing style. Provide photos of the colors you would like to match and we will work to make your dream a reality.We also offer railing composites and balcony composites to complete your deck or other home improvement project.

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3D Composite Decking

Clients' Reviews

HOHEcotech's products are distributed all over the world and receive unanimous praise from customers.
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3D Composite Decking

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Our products are located in more than 60+ countries around the world, and our quality has always been recognized by the market.

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  • 50 wood-plastic production lines with an annual production capacity of 30,000 tons
  • First-class 5S on-site management and strict quality control
  • 20% of the products are sold domestically and 80% are sold abroad.
  • Products are exported to more than 60 countries in five continents including Europe, America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania, with a total of 225 customers, including more than 100 active customers.
  • Internationally renowned building materials supermarket chains: Lidl, Hagebau, Hornbach, Hellweg, Globus, etc.


  • Is composite decking hot underfoot?
    In hot weather conditions, Composite decking boards are a similar temperature to comparably coloured timber surface temperatures. The lighter the colour the less it will heat up.High capacity of UV-resistance.
  • What is the temperature scope for WPC application?
    WPC Decking has strong ability to adapt and can resist the temperature 60 degree to -30degree.
  • Does WPC Decking require painting or staining?
    WPC Decking does not require painting or staining. As with any outdoor surface, periodic cleaning is required.
  • What do I use to clean my Decking?
    Any mild household cleaner can be used to remove stains.Using a power washer yearly will help remove any surface stains that may accumulate over time from regular deck usage.A wire brush may be used to remove scratches and tough stains. Using a wire brush may change the appearance of the deck product where the wire brush was used.
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As a composite decking manufacturer, our success is attributed to consistently listening to the feedback of residential builders, contractors, homeowners, and architects we collaborate with. We strive to turn their visions into reality.
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