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HOHEcotech Advantages

Ditch the wood hassle – go for HOHEcotech composite decking for a game-changing outdoor experience. It beats wood in durability, sustainability, and looks. With top-notch features like slip resistance and UV protection, it's a hygienic, safe, and stylish choice.Pick from diverse styles and colors, and let HOHEcotech transform your outdoor space. It's not just about quality; it's a step towards a greener lifestyle. HOHEcotech – shaping a green future.

Your Trusted Manufacturer of Sustainable Composite Decking

HOHEcotech Composite Decking Features

Enduring Beauty

HOHEcotech composite decking ensures lasting beauty in any weather

Resists Decay & Pests

Our decking beats traditional wood with resistance to decay and pests


HOHEcotech uses recycled materials for an environmentally friendly living space

Low Maintenance

Choose worry-free outdoor living – our decking minimizes maintenance costs

Versatile Design

From classic wood to modern colors, HOHEcotech offers versatile designs

Safety First

Our decking prioritizes safety with a smooth surface, free from harmful substances


Composite Decking Technology Changes

HOHEcotech is proud to introduce the second generation co-extrusion composite decking that solves the problem of wood maintenance. The new generation of composite decks further improves durability, waterproofness and ease of maintenance on the basis of environmental protection. The unique structural design ensures the stability and durability of the product, making it an ideal choice.In the future, HOHEcotech will continue to innovate, and new products are expected to be launched within 12 months. Next generation decking is lighter, stronger and has minimal thermal expansion/contraction properties.HOHEcotech not only pursues technological upgrading, but also adheres to the concept of environmental protection.


Composite Decking Core Technology

Wood fiber

Grade A Recycled HDPE


Your Trusted Manufacturer of Sustainable Composite Decking

Composite Decking Difference Comparison

Nature wood material

Classic Composite Decking

3D Composite Decking

Co-extrusion Composite Decking

Compare with wood

Perishable and swelling deformationMildew-proof, fire-proof, moisture-proof, moth-proof and crack-proof

Surface treatment

Nature patternClear and natural, minimalist and luxuriousEmbossed texture, flowing textureEmbossed texture, flowing texture

Maintenance Cost

Protection level




1 Routines

8 Routines

8 Routines

20 Routines

HOHEcotech Application

Wear-Resistant Wood-Plastic Composite Decking

The surface of plastic wood decking often has irreversible scratches or even damage due to trampling and metal friction, which greatly affects the appearance.

HOHEcotech wear-resistant decking

The friction loss is low, and there will be no obvious surface loss after long-term pedaling, and the texture will still be clear.

HOHEcotech anti-slip decking

The anti-slip effect is excellent and it is not easy to slip when walking in wet water.

HOHEcotech Application

Fire-Resistant Wood-Plastic Composite Decking

The conventional wood-plastic boards, due to containing a large amount of wood powder and plastic, are prone to flame spread when exposed to fire. As a result, they cannot be used in places with high fire safety requirements.

HOHEcotech Flame Retardant Decking

The flame retardant grade complies with B1 and BAL 29 fire resistance levels, making it suitable for use in places with high fire safety requirements or in flammable environments.

Health and Environmental Protection

Does not contain harmful substances such as halogens.

HOHEcotech Application

Co-Extruded WPC Cladding Board

In contemporary architectural design, many wall cladding projects often lack a unique three-dimensional appearance as most designs still remain in the plane dimension. To meet the high aesthetic requirements for appearance, we have designed this co-extruded cladding board. We have employed advanced co-extrusion technology, cleverly integrating it into a new cladding design.

Special Features

The introduction of this technology not only significantly enhances the fading resistance, corrosion resistance, and durability of wall cladding but also adds a lot to the aesthetic appeal of the building exterior.

Easy Installation

To allow every customer to easily enjoy a high-quality installation experience, we have completely upgraded the tongue-and-groove design. By strengthening the proposed tongue-and-groove structure, the installation process is ensured to be smoother and simpler.


Composite Stair Tread

This is a product designed to enhance the overall appearance of composite decking, with a focus on the edges of the composite decking. The clever and delicate design allows the stair tread to shine at the edge of the floor installation.

Easy installation

The unique buckle system eliminates the need for cumbersome tools. Simple alignment with the buckle allows for easy installation, effortlessly creating a smooth and streamlined appearance.

HOHEcotech Application

WPC Plant Trolley

The WPC plant trolley is an ideal choice for your indoor and outdoor plant arrangements. Equipped with wheels and a non-slip surface, it can easily move heavy flower containers, protecting the floor from scratches and water stains. Responsible ecological manufacturing ensures high quality and safety, making plant cleaning and rearrangement effortless.

Quality Assurance

HOHEcotech Commitment

We provide quality guarantee for all HOHEcotech products from the date of purchase

Classic/3D Composite Decking

Hollow new material
Solid new material

WPC Decking Tiles

Quality guarantee period

Co-extrusion Composite Decking

Hollow new material
Solid new material

WPC Composite Material Manufacturing In the Future


Scientific recycling of waste resources and innovation of healthy and environmentally friendly materials allow people to enjoy a broader outdoor living space.


To become the world's leading supplier of outdoor building materials and promote the development of the industry in a more environmentally friendly and high-performance direction.

Are You Ready

Nature-Inspired Design Innovation

As a composite decking manufacturer, our success is attributed to consistently listening to the feedback of residential builders, contractors, homeowners, and architects we collaborate with. We strive to turn their visions into reality.
Qiang Ye
Qiang Ye