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  • Oxidative induction
  • Co-Extrusion layer thickness
  • Boiling test
  • Anti-UV testing

HOHEcotech Test A

Oxidative Induction Test

Test the thermal oxidative aging resistance of the material. The longer the oxidation induction time, the better the thermal oxidative aging resistance of the product.

Test standard:  ASTM_D3895-98

Test equipment:  Differential Scanning Calorimeter

HOHEcotech co-extrusion composite decking

Oxidative Induction test report

Peer co-extrusion composite decking

Oxidative Induction test report

HOHEcotech Test B

Co-Extrusion Layer Thickness

The average layer thickness of HOHEcotech co-extrusion composite decking is 0.6-0.8mm

HOHEcotech co-extrusion composite decking

Peer co-extrusion composite decking

Co-extrusion layer thickness comparison

HOHEcotech Test C

Boiling Test

step 1:
Place the test sample into the container (the water level needs to cover the sample by at least 5 mm or more)
step 2:
Turn on the heating plate to 100 degrees Celsius and record/observe every 2 hours
step 3:
Samples need to be taken out every day and the duration recorded. Record the duration after the hot plate temperature reaches 100 degrees Celsius
step 4:
Repeat steps 1-3 the next day

Test standard:  EN 15534-1

Test equipment:  Electric thermostatic water tank

HOHEcotech Test D

Anti-UV Test

Simulate the aging performance of plastic wood products in a comprehensive environment of UV, spray, and moisture.

Test standard:  ISO 4892-2:2013

Test equipment:  UV Accelerated Weathering Tester

HOHEcotech co-extrusion composite decking

The test lasted for 2000 hours, and there was no obvious difference in the surface.

Peer co-extrusion composite decking

After testing for up to 2000 hours, fading and cracking appeared on the surface.

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