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HOHEcotech Composite Decking Price Description

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Factor Analysis

Composite Decking Price Factors

If you are budgeting for ordering composite decking, it is important to research the cost components of composite decking as many factors can affect the composite decking price, depending on the following factors.
Factor 1

Packaging Cost

  • Iron pallets:Provide sturdy support, but are relatively heavy and may increase shipping costs. Generally, it is needed when it exceeds 4.8 meters to facilitate the shipment of goods. But the cost is higher.

  • Wood pallets:Lighter, but can suffer in wet conditions. The best choice for most customers, convenient and sturdy. Bulk goods must use wooden pallets.

  • Leg tray: Provides good ventilation, suitable for some products that require breathability. An effective way to save packaging costs is to put them on iron pallets or wooden pallets when loading cabinets.

  • Simple frame-packed blue silver cloth: Low cost, but may not be sophisticated enough for the high-end market. The combination of bales and pallets not only ensures the convenience of cabinet loading, but also facilitates the protection of products in retail.

Comprehensive Considerations:

Packaging choices should be made based on the target market and product image to balance protecting the product and controlling transportation costs.

Factor 2

Surface Treatment

  • Deep embossing: Provides a richer wood grain effect, suitable for markets that pursue a natural look. Suitable for markets that value touch

  • Light embossing: Mild wood grain, suitable for markets that value minimalist design.

  • Polished: Smooth surface, suitable for some markets where touch is important. Ideal for markets seeking a natural look

  • Milled Edges: Smooth edges to enhance the overall appearance of the product.

  • Brushed: Increases slip resistance, suitable for outdoor use. Reduce plastic feel and better imitate wood effect

Comprehensive Considerations:

Surface treatment selection should be based on product positioning and target markets to meet the appearance and performance needs of different customers.

Factor 3


  • High quality: High-quality plastic wood composite material, with greater durability and corrosion resistance.

  • Mid-range: Balances performance and cost, suitable for most markets.

Comprehensive Considerations:

Material selection depends on the needs of the target market. The high-end market may pay more attention to quality and performance, while the cost-sensitive market may pay more attention to price.

Factor 4


  • Common Color: Basic color, suitable for most markets.

  • Special Colors: Custom or unique colors for markets that pursue personalization.

Comprehensive Considerations:

Provide flexibility in color selection to meet the individual needs of different customers for product appearance.

Factor 5

Quality Control

  • Testing of raw materials:

    • Strict inspection of raw materials (wood powder, plastics, additives, etc.) for wood-plastic composites to ensure they meet specifications and quality requirements.

  • Manufacturing process control:

    • Ensure the stability and repeatability of the production line and maintain product consistency by monitoring process parameters, equipment status and production environment.

    • Regularly maintain production equipment to ensure its normal operation and stability of product quality.

  • Product quality testing:

    • Conduct product physical property testing, such as flexural strength, impact resistance, slip resistance, etc.

    • Weather resistance testing is conducted to ensure product stability under different climate conditions.

    • Conduct a color anti-aging test to ensure that the product color will not fade after long-term use.

  • Supplier evaluation:

    • Regularly evaluate and audit the quality management systems of raw material suppliers to ensure they meet the company's quality requirements.

    • Establish partnerships to work with suppliers to drive improvements in quality standards

  • Certification and Compliance:

    • Obtain and maintain product certifications that meet relevant standards, such as ISO 9001 quality management system certification.

    • Comply with regulations and industry standards to ensure products meet safety and environmental requirements.


Let's Talk About Composite Decking Price

We hope to provide you with cost-effective composite decking solutions.

We are a composite decking factory in China with 17 years of experience, so we will provide you with the best prices and services. Perhaps, you may have multiple suppliers to compare. When comparing product prices, you also need to consider related product quality to ensure long-term cooperation with customers.

Description of the increase in customization costs

Special material customization

When your region or climate factors require better product performance, this will increase your procurement costs.

Color customization

Customized colors other than the Huasu standard color card colors require additional color customization fees.

Outer packaging customization

Unconventional packaging requires additional purchase of packaging accessories, which will increase costs.

Special model customization

When existing product models cannot meet your needs, you need to customize special models to meet your needs.

Regarding the increased procurement cost of the service

Warehouse storage fees

More than 2 months

Loading fee

When you ask us to load your other goods into a container

How to help you save money reasonably

Certificate of Origin

Preferential trade agreements: CO, FORM E, etc.

Combine orders

  • Goods with the same delivery date can be arranged to be shipped at the same time, which can save freight.
  • You can ship other materials from us to fill the container, such as accessories required for installation.

Standing order

1. Large quantity

2.Standard size

3. Regular colors

4.Stock models: 138H23-L, 145H23-C, 40S25-A

HOHEcotech according to the customer's product needs, budget, quality requirements, we match reasonable quotations

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Explanation of Composite Decking Price Issues

We hope to provide you with cost-effective composite decking solutions

Why do we use higher quality raw materials?

High-quality wood fibers, plastic particles, and additives are more expensive but provide longer life and a better appearance. Reduce long-term use costs by providing corrosion-resistant, weather-resistant, low-maintenance products.

Why choose a professional mass-market factory?

Advanced production processes and technologies require substantial investment in R&D and equipment. We reduce costs through mass sales, provide consistent quality and texture, ensure a high degree of consistency in products, and meet users' requirements for aesthetics and quality.

What problems might you encounter when buying a cheap product?

Poor Quality Of Materials:  
Cheap composite decking may use low-quality wood powder and plastic, resulting in an unstable, fragile and easily faded product.
Cheaper products may reduce the use of necessary additives, such as preservatives, anti-UV agents, etc., reducing the durability of the product.

Cheap composite decking may lack strict quality control during the manufacturing process, resulting in inconsistencies in size and shape, making installation more difficult.
The use of inferior materials may cause the composite decking to deform under different climate conditions, affecting its appearance and service life.

Security Issues:  
Cheaper composite decking may not have adequate anti-slip treatment, increasing the risk of falls in wet conditions.
The use of inferior connecting materials or manufacturing processes may cause the composite decking structure to be unstable and increase safety risks during use.

Environmental Certification Issues:  
Cheaper products may not have certifications to ensure they meet building and safety standards.
Some cheap composite decking may use materials containing harmful substances, posing potential risks to the environment and user health.

Service And Warranty Questions:  
Manufacturers of cheap products may not offer good after-sales service or warranty policies, and it may be difficult for users to get support if something goes wrong with the product.


How to Measure a Quality Composite Decking Supplier?

We hope to provide you with cost-effective composite decking solutions.


The main certifications are: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CE, FSC, REACH, ROHS, EN13501.


Feel free to come visit HOHEcotech and check the quality of our composite decking yourself.


Pay attention to company reviews and satisfaction ratings. Ask to see examples of recent work, including customer testimonials and installation pictures, to ensure they have the information to take on projects similar to yours.


Talk to people you know and trust about HOHEcotech, this will give you a good idea of HOHEcotech's service level.


We Provide You with Custom Composite Decking Solutions

Building Contractor

If you are looking for cost-effective, easy-to-install composite decking to increase construction efficiency.

HOHEcotech provides affordable, easy-to-install products while highlighting product durability and reducing maintenance costs.


If you are pursuing a unique appearance and material texture, you hope to have innovative design options.

HOHEcotech offers a wide selection of colors and textures, as well as innovatively designed composite decking that meets the designer's requirements for aesthetics and uniqueness.


Intense market competition and inventory management challenges require reducing inventory risks.

HOHEcotech provides a market-competitive price structure to ensure the stability of the supply chain and support dealers to gain an advantage in a highly competitive market.

  • What can you buy from us?
    WPC decking,fencing, wall cladding,tiles, landscape products etc., and a new product we are developing, let's wait and see. 
  • Can I fit more into a container?
    The limitations are the space within the container and the road weight allowance limits for transport, at the 23,040 or the 24,480 the limits of 44,000 lbs has been met. It is not possible of over-weight the containers.
  • Does the composite decking have a guarantee?
    Yes, we believe our product is of a high standard and back that up with a warranty for your peace of mind. HOHEcotech products enjoy warranty for a certain number of years as long as it's installed following our installation guide. For full terms and conditions, please see our warranty page.
  • How much does the composite decking cost?
    Our decking is extremely popular due to our very low and competitive pricing. The exact price depends on the type,quantity, colour and packaging of the boards that you are looking to order.   
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