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WPC makes your home haute couture

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WPC makes your home haute couture
Issue Time:2017-03-22

Above is a new project of ours,a house used #wpcmaterial is in #installing,

We recently received a lot #summerhouse order, the wall cladding sold very well.

More and more people select #wpcwallpanel to decorate their exterior wall,

not only because it's wonderful outward appearance,but also the stability performance.

Such as water proof,anti-UV,non fading,high strength,durable and ultra low maintenance.

The boards can be cut into any length you want,and the supplementary #endcover will perfect the whole project.

Wpc wall panel makes your home wearing a haute couture.

Hot sale wall panel options:

#walcladding 156S21

#exteriorwalldecorationcladding 145S21-D

#interlockingwallcladding 138H15

Inquiry to info@hohecotech.com


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