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Nice designed pergola

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Nice designed pergola
Issue Time:2017-02-13

Spring comes and everything blooms, green covers your garden.

Most people will choose some decorations to the garden.

A nice designed #pergola is a good choice.

Here are several #huasu pergolas for you.

Pergola with one side post

This design only suit for small or medium pergolas, because it’s not so heavy. 

Or you can insert one side of #pergolabeam into the wall,share weight with wall.




This is our nearest project of pergola in Huangshan China.Thanks for customers’ picture.



Also,#wpcpergola can decorate your balcony.



Pergola with two sides posts

This type suit for big garden, maybe you can put a table and few chairs under the pergola 

and  have a coffee in the warm sunshine with your families.




Pergola with #grille.Wonderful design!



If planting some flowers wrapped around the pergola is even more beautiful.



If you have your own design,tell us ,we will help you to achieve it.

Ideas to info@hohecotech.com


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