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capped composite decking project at Huasu WPC

capped composite decking project at Huasu WPC
Issue Time:2016-08-06

As we all know the forest on our earth is vanished very fast these years, which lead to lots of environmental problems. Meanwhile, there are million tons of wooden powder and straw that haven't been reused each year. These recyclable materials can be used on wood plastic composite profiles. By using the waste of wood powder, straw and HDPE, we can build a plenty of outdoor decking and projects which can replace the solid wood.

WASOSIRY ® WPC (capped composite decking) from Huangshan Huasu is made of recyclable wood powder and recyclable HDPE granules, which not only saved forest resource but also reused waste of materials. WPC is proved an ideal replacement for wood in construction industry.

 The new material keeps the property of plastic and texture of wood. making it a perfect combination of both plastic & wood materials. These materials are eco-friendly and safe for veranda, patio, garden, yard and swimming pool  etc.

We warmly welcome you to join us to make the forest lusher and our earth greener by using WASOSIRY ® WPC




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