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why did the pergola beam bend

why did the pergola beam bend
Issue Time:2016-02-01

The picture as below is a customer's pergola which is from the other manufacturer's.

the problem is the beams bend and seems to be dropping.

Our technician  gave us some suggestions:

  • 1. the space between two posting is too large. ( we advice the best space is 3m, and no more than 4.5m )
  • 2. creep deformation , the steel insert must be put  into the hollow beam to loading bearing.
  • 3. there is no more space in the joint, while the wpc expansion and contraction. ( we advice to leave 0.3% space)
  • 4. the producing process, because of the mould producing, we advice to put the product in the normal temperature before sanding.
  • 5. the ambient temperature.
  • 6. the top beam is too many. ( we advice the space between two beams is 40~55cm )

The installation is really a key reason, the design must be beautiful, suitable and according to the installation advice.

if you have any suggestion and problems, contact us freely. ( info@hohecotech.com )


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