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Why we choose WPC

Why we choose WPC
Issue Time:2012-07-19

Wood Plastic Composites is a kind of fundamental material made of wooden scrap, bamboo scrap, wheal pole, bran, crust of peanut, pole of cotton with some proportion of plastic and with deferent forms.

The products of wooden plastic can be categorized in four categories, including formation, packaging, decoration and special category. It can be utilized in different variety of areas, including construction, the making of furniture, home decoration, logistics, packaging, gardening, environmental protection, military, and sports.

At present, the wooden plastic materials have been chosen as construction materials for some of venues and infrastructure of the Beijing Olympic 

The advantages of HOHecotech WPC:

Plasticity: It can be made into different products with different forms according to the different demands. 

Environmentally friendly: the material its additive and the products are totally meeting the standard for environmentally protection.

Economical: the wooden materials have finished the process of transformation from the raw materials with low cost to the products with high added value.

 Recycle: It can be recycled if timely

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